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Online Events

I run online events for organisations, enabling them to bring delegates together on MS Teams, Zoom or via social media to learn about food and cooking. The events are perfect for organisations with a membership base who is spread out, as it allows people to come together virtually in a social environment.

Cookery Classes

I facilitate online classes using Microsoft Teams, Zoom (or another online meeting platform) to provide an interactive class for 6-20 people. I work with the provider to find out some more details about the delegates to help with the design and delivery of the session. Before the class, I send round a short survey to delegates to gauge dietary requirements and cooking ability. We then decide on a dish and send round an ingredients/equipment list to all delegates ahead of time and a private link to the class itself.

Sessions can include 1 or 2 courses, and typically last between 1-2 hours. I run through each step of the dish(es), answering questions and providing additional information on the dish and techniques. Delegates are then sent digital recipe cards for all dishes afterwards to allow them to recreate the dish(es) again in the future.


These classes work well for company away days/socials (where a competitive element can be introduced!) I ran such a session with CloudStratex as part of a Charity fundraiser for Centrepoint - have a read here to find out more about the session.

Live Social Media Sessions

I host live broadcast sessions via Instagram (or other social media platforms). The host would provide some promotion of the live event in advance, and attendees would tune in at the specified time to watch a cook-along of a specific dish. The date and time of the event, along with dish itself and the ingredients list, are released in advance, allowing viewers to buy what they need ahead of the broadcast. Attendees can then tune in and cook along. I would talk through each step of the process, and answer questions in real-time which viewers can send in on the platform.


The sessions are great for creating an event-like feel whilst broadcasting to a large remote audience. The interactive element of the live Q&A allows me to answer questions and clarify steps as I go. There is even potential to take clips of the broadcast and re-purpose this as shareable content. I ran live sessions with the Hertfordshire Students' Union - find out more about these sessions here.

If you would like to discuss running an Online session for your organisation, please get in touch

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