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University of sheffield

In 2019 I launched a cookery school with the Residence Life team at the University of Sheffield. I have been running weekly cooking lessons since September 2019 and have taught students about new cuisines, dishes and cooking techniques to help improve their cooking and living experience at University.

Have a read below for the testimonial from Emma Kenny-Levick, Engagement and Development Coordinator at Residence Life:

"The pilot for the cookery school was launched in May 2019 and required a lot of hard work to get it off the ground. Despite this, it was one of the smoothest projects I have worked on - any bumps in the road were dealt with promptly and enthusiastically by Ollie.

This pilot proved so popular with our students that Residence Life incorporated it into the Engagement and Development Programme, now known as Cooking Hacks with Ollie! Cooking Hacks not only teaches our students how to cook but it also teaches them how to shop, how to eat on a budget, how to stock a larder and how to eat more sustainably.

"Ollie is a natural teacher who has a genuine warmth towards all the students he engages with"

Ollie is a natural teacher who has a genuine warmth towards all the students he engages with. He is very patient and calm in his explanations and his love of cooking rubs off on all who attend his classes, with many students leaving his tutelage vowing to cook weekly meals for their entire flat!


In January 2020, following the success of the first school, Cooking Hacks will be launched at a second venue in one of our city accommodation blocks, St Vincent’s Place.


It is a joy to work with Ollie and I would recommend him to any future clients without a second thought."

Emma Kenny-Levick
Engagement and Development Coordinator,

Residence Life,

The University of Sheffield

student feedback

Here is some of the feedback from the students who have attended the classes thusfar:

  • I loved getting the hands on practical cooking experience, with great demonstrations and feedback. The event definitely equipped me with useful skills for life in the halls of residence.

  • I really like the good ambience for sharing and enjoying a meal! Ollie is really kind and enthusiastic.

  • It's easier to learn how to cook when your teacher loves doing it. Ollie is a great instructor who encourages people to experiment with flavours and ingredients and, at the same time, teaches us how to safely use a knife and how to chop each ingredient. I love these sessions!!

“Ollie is a great teacher, he is really clear when he explains the steps and procedures. You can see how much he loves what he does and he transmits his passion to us."

Here is a clip of the class in action, teaching students at the University of Sheffield how to finely dice an onion:

if you are an organisation who would like to find out more about RUNNING classes for your members, PLEASE get in touch

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