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In September 2023, I ran an in-person cooking class for Tinderflint's team social. They were keen to run a social at their premises which would be fun, informal and cater to chefs of all different levels. We decided on a 2 course Asian-fusion meal, with wine pairings, which the team made in pairs and then ate together. The session was great for teamwork and providing a relaxing and fun environment after a busy period of work.

Hear what Jamie-Lee Carr, Head of Production at Tinderflint, had to say about the :

"We had Ollie come in for our team social. We wanted to do something a little different, and he was even able to come to our offices so we didn't have to worry about booking somewhere. The class was simple enough that the less skilled cooks could keep up. But the recipes were interesting enough that even the more skilled cooks could learn about flavours and techniques.

"Although he always kept safety in mind, especially around open flames and knives, he was sure to keep a positive vibe throughout."

Ollie was super patient even when some of the team were disruptive at times, and although he always kept safety in mind (around open flames and knives!), he was sure to keep a positive and fun vibe throughout. I'd recommend to anyone looking to do a work social, or even just something as a group of friends. Food was delicious too!

Jamie-Lee Carr

Head of Production


Have a look at some pictures of the session, and an Instagram reel that the Tinderflint team created!

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