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WELCOME to oliver tarrant cooking!

Demonstration of pasta making in online cooking class

I work with employers to run cookery classes for their teams as part of team away days or socials. The classes can be online or in-person, and offer a social event where teams can take part in a fun, inclusive activity where alcohol is optional. Have a read about the in-person sessions here and the in-person sessions below.

An in person cooking demonstration, serving food to a student

I work with student unions and universities to run cookery sessions for their students. I run cookery classes or one-to many demonstrations, teaching students how to make a specific dish. I also work with social media teams to run live sessions or create content to promote cooking skills to a wider audience. Have a read about how I can support with social media here and my in-person classes and demos below.

Oliver Tarrant plating up food

I am Ollie Tarrant, and I run sessions focussing on cooking and food for organisations. I love cooking and teaching people about food. Have a read below to find out about my background and the services I can offer.

Interested in food and finding out new recipes? Click the link below to head to my blog to see what new recipes I've come up with and to get some inspiration on what to cook tonight!

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